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O-ME  is a communications  networking company  specialized in consulting, planning, integrating ,implementing, importing ,marketing and supporting networking teleprocessing.

The company was founded by David Rahamim, a communications engineer with senior level experience  of over   15 years in this field. David graduated from the Tel Aviv University with a degree in computer programming and engineering. David has a degree in

CCNP -Cisco Certified Network Professional( registered number CSCO11359581)

David specializes in equipment of

NORTEL company, and is an About Us   ALTEON-8600-ARN-ASN-BPS

expert in  network security

O-ME offers a  variety of solutions to all the advanced IP networking  and  communications systems.

O-ME is specializes in the  implementation and maintenance of  highly sophisticated communication networks and  Safe-Net

O-ME represents  a wide variety  of the leading manufacturer of the communication market, such as

CISCO, COM3 ,NORTEL, D-Link, HP and others.

O-ME provides consulting and planning   services in establishing IP networks, from beginning to end ,starting with the planning  phase, and ending with the transmission and fluent maintenance of the system.

In addition, O-me's specializations includes: planning, establishing managing and operating:


-Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN)

WIRELESS networks  ,WIFI,Radio,laser,IR -

IPT, VoIP and  suitable equipment-

-Network communications between branches and  suppliers

IP Telephonic systems and equipment-

 VPN- Virtual Private Network

 International network systems-

Planning and installing ,safe net-

- Consulting and planning   service in establishing computer rooms

- High quality test equipment and Sniffer to advanced communication networks, including  repair and adjustment

- Professional special services  in many options : service contract, bank hour and service by call –  group/ personal  communications   training and  courses by demand.

 Net-building: communication networks, telephony and optical fibers. -


O-ME offers all communication and safe- net equipment at low and attractive  prices. .


Our company offers advanced support service center  of a high standard, available ,fast, reliable and spreading anywhere in Israel.   







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